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RT-PCR is used in biological science to detect RNA expression levels. RT-PCR can produce multiple copies of particular DNA isolates through amplification. RT-PCR is employed to clone expressed genes by reverse transcribing the RNA of interest into its DNA complement through the use of polymerase. The recently synthesized cDNA is amplified mistreatment traditional PCR.
RT-PCR has risen to become the benchmark technology for the detection and comparison of RNA levels. Due to its simplicity, specificity and sensitivity, RT-PCR is used in wide selection of applications from experiments as simple as quantification of yeast cells in wine to a complex use as diagnostic tools for detecting infectious agents.
Bioabb RT-PCR provides an easy-to-use, efficient procedure for acting reverse transcription-PCR. The reaction is performed in a single tube, that eliminates cross-contamination problems. Bioabb RT-PCR offers unequalled sensitivity and potency, and it's ideal for comparison organic phenomenon levels across completely different samples. With its high sensitivity, you'll rely on the bioabb RT-PCR for all of your RT-PCR applications.

Item description Working days required Delivery results
Primer design and synthesis 7 to 15 work days Primer sequence, Primers, Primer synthesis report
RNA extraction 1 work day Total RNA, concentration(OD260/280,ug/ml)
First-strand cDNA synthesis 1 work day cDNA
Amplification of purpose gene by PCR 1 work day PCR products
Agarose gel electrophoresis 1 work day electrophoresis pattern



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