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Protein/Antibody Labeling

    Bioabb offer a number of Protein/Antibody labelings. Directly Protein/Antibody labeling allow you to use more than one same-species antibody in a single staining experiment. You can also use traditional labeling chemistries optimized for your application or site-specific labeling using click-chemistry technology.
    Bioabb has many years of experience in Protein/Antibody labeling, including polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. Our experience is primarily with biotin and HRP labeling. Bioabb Protein/Antibody labeling is a revolutionary technology that dramatically simplifies the process of antibody labeling. Bioabb Protein/Antibody labeling with everything you need to perform the conjugation. Simply mix your antibody with a vial of pre-measured CF dye, biotin, or FITC in the buffer provided, a step taking less than 30 seconds of hands-on time. After waiting for another 30 minutes, without a separation step, you will have an optimally labeled antibody conjugate ready to be used in any immunofluorescence staining experiment.


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