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Polyclonal Antibody Service

    Bioabb polyclonal antibody services include production of custom polyclonal antibodies in mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken and other species. Bioabb provides one-stop solutions for your custom polyclonal antibody production, taking your project all the approach from substance style, amide synthesis, and animal protection, to antibody purification and QC with ELISA assay.

    Bioabb customizable polyclonal antibody service deliver polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies that specifically detect phosphorylated proteins from a complex mixture of proteins in cells, with a high rate of 95%. Our standardized polyclonal antibody service helps you to choose the assembly of custom polyclonal antibodies from a range of host species in mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken then on. We ensure you can obtain a perfect polyclonal antibody service in bioabb.

Item description Working days required Delivery results
Antigen tested by SDS-PAGE 1 working day electrophoresis pattern
Animal immune 60 to 70 working days  
Detect antibody titers 2 working days ELISA test results
Identify the antibody specificity 2 working days WB test results
Serum preparation 2 working days 1ml pre-immune serum, 20ml immune serum


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