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Nucleic Acid Extraction And Purification

    Bioabb provides the best nucleic acid extraction and purification for our customers, such as RNA extraction, genomic DNA extraction, plasmid DNA extraction and so on.
    The RNA extraction is the purification of RNA from biological samples. The extraction of RNA in molecular biology experiments is complicated by the presence of ubiquitous and hardy RNases that degrade RNA samples. The equipment used for RNA extraction is cleaned thoroughly, kept separate from common lab equipment and treated with various harsh chemicals that destroy RNases. Bioabb offer high quality RNA extraction services for transgenic applications.
    Genomic DNA extraction is a process of purification of DNA from sample using a combination of physical and chemical methods. Bioabb genomic DNA extraction for sensitive, scalable purification from an expansive set of starting materials to maximize process efficiency and downstream performance.
    Plasmid DNA extraction yields are dependent on plasmid copy number, plasmid type and size, bacterial strain, growth conditions, and the kit used. Extracted plasmid DNA may be sequenced or used for transfections, restriction digests, or molecular cloning studies. Bioabb is developing and upgrading plasmid DNA extraction, providing cost-effective, faster DNA purification method of high-purity plasmid DNA for your applications. Cusbaio has a breadth of experience in plasmid DNA extraction.

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