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Native Protein Purification

    Native protein purification is important for the characterization of the perform, structure and interactions of the native protein of interest. The purification method could separate the native protein and non-native protein parts of the mixture, and separate the specified native protein from all other proteins.
    Native protein purification can roughly be divided into analytical and preceding methods. The deciding factor is the quantity of native protein which can be purified with technique. Analytical methods aim to detect a native protein in a mixture, whereas preceding methods aim to provide large quantities of the native protein for other functions, such as structural biology or industrial use.
    Native protein purification is either preceding or analytical. Purification of native protein contains many processes, such as Extraction ,clarification ,Intermediate purification, Polishin. The major technology of protein purification, include affinity Chromatography, ion-exchange Chromatography, Size-exclusion Chromatography, Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography. Protein's specific character, to obtain a high purity native protein we must choose completely different purification strategies. Bioabb can design the native protein purification experiment with you at the primary time, and provides the initial quote.


Project Content Price Lead Time
Native protein purification  Purification the target native protein according to its character with AC,IC,HIC or some other methods. Enquiry 1-4weeks


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