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Monoclonal Antibody Service

    Bioabb immuning Balb/C mice with the purpose antigen selected by our customer, then take the spleen cells, prepare the somatic cell line to provide antibodies specific for antigen with the cell fusion technology. The benefits of monoclonal antibody is used in medical specialty, biology and other fields of basic analysis and clinical medicine are specificity, uniformity, efficiency and an unlimited supply.

    Bioabb engage in monoclonal antibody production and custom service professionally, provide a high quality monoclonal antibody. Bioabb has established a comprehensive monoclonal antibody drug development platform which will smoothly integrate monoclonal antibody engineering and antibody production technologies to satisfy your need in drug development. Bioabb offers monoclonal antibody reagents on shelf to help our customer's biological research and development. Our monoclonal antibodies are the highest quality in comparison to other vendors worldwide.


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