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Insect Cell Expression System

    Insect cell expression system can produce many recombinant proteins at high levels and provide vital eukaryotic  protein process capabilities. Insect cell expression system is wide used in producing recombinant proteins. The insect cell expression system is based on the use of recombinant baculoviruses and their ability to produce high levels of biologically active proteins in cultivated insect cells or insect larvae. The proteins produced can be easily purified from infected cells or their supernatants using tags and affinity chromatography. The proteins can be used for human and veterinary applications, such as vaccines and diagnostics. 
    Bioabb Baculovirus Expression Vector System(BEVS) has some advantages. Baculoviruses are basically nonpathogenic to mammals and plants. They have a restricted host range, which is commonly restricted to specific invertebrate species. Bioabb BEVS has higher safety. Compared to other eukaryotic expression systems, the bioabb BEVS can efficiency express foreign protein from infected cells late in infection. Baculoviruses is propagated in insect hosts and also the recombinant protein gained by BEVS can have a posttranslational modification in a manner as the mammalian cells. The Insect cell expression system product has strong biological activity.

Insect cell expression system:
Restructuring for constructing physical grain
By use of mating-assisted genetic integrated cloning (MAGIC),we only need simple bacteria confusion, and then the recombinant baculoviruses vectors will be got rapidly, so a lot of time, energy and cost will be saved
30-50% off can be provided for renewal order
We can provide the detailed information of protein expression and purification, experimental data, as well as high titer of the virus liquid
Recombinant baculovirus carrier construction
Express conditions optimization
Protein expression and purification


Insect cells protein expression items
Test Test procedures Deliverable Timeline
1. protokaryon cloning ●Get gene
Nucleic acid electrophoresis images Two weeks

●PCR amplification product connected to pFastBac modified by our company
●Transform to E.coliDH10β

●Get correct recombinant donor plasmid
2. xtensification training ●Recombinant Baculoviruses obtain
●Recombinant Baculoviruses plasmid transfected insect cells
●High titer of the virus obtain

Plasmid DNA electrophoresis images with recombinant baculovirus vector,
Virus liquid with high titer

Three to four weeks
3. Optimization expression

●High titer of the virus liquid infects insect cells again
●Recombinant protein SDS-PAGE and western blot detection

SDS-PAG, western blot A half and one weeks
4. Protein expression and purification ●1L insect cells expression system and further purification 1L purified product of cell culture supernatant One to two weeks



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