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Inclusion Body Refold

    Inclusion Body Refolding consists of four main steps: inclusion body isolation, solubilization, refolding, and purification. Inclusion Body Refolding from inclusion bodies is influenced by various factors inlcuding solubilization method, removal of the denaturant, and assistance of refolding by co-solute or additives. The refolding condition is vital to obtain acceptable amounts of active protein. Low molecular weight compounds, may enhance the yield of the refolding process. Inclusion Body Refolding can only be successfully refolded by making use of these effects.
    In Inclusion Body Refolding, the solubilized target protein is subjected to refolding using different methods. Increasing protein concentrations during the refolding process improves protein refolding and the final refolding yield. Refolding aiding chemicals are useful agents for increasing protein concentration particularly in dilution method. The application and improvement of additives concentration is a main step in protein refolding and should be done for each protein individually.
    BIOABB collected refolding data of over 1100 proteins. We have rich refolding expertise of dilution method, dialysis method, column chromatography and so on, we successfully developed dozens of Inclusion Body Refolding methods which be used in mass production.


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Result: 1mg refolding protein



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