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E.coli Expression Service

    E.coli is one of the most widely used expression hosts, and NDA is often introduced in a plasmid expression vector. The techniques for overexpression in E.coli are well developed and work by increasing the amount of copies of the gene or increasing the binding strength of the promoter region so aiding transcription.
    Genlantis can express and isolate total recombinant protein from any E.coli expression vector that contains a polyhistidine tag. Total protein are provided from either a minimum 1 litre culture, or pilot expression scale to optimize expression levels. The cost of the pilot scale is applied towards a bigger production scale. The proteins made of this service are absolute to be at least 50% pure.
    Low induction temperature is a method to enhance soluble expression in E.coli. Bioabb has the capability to quickly screen soluble expression conditions for multiple expression constructs. Bioabb refrigerated shaker-incubators and high density culture system offer high capacity of E.coli expression.
    Many clinical uses of antibodies that require large quantities of fragments which are bivalent and humanized. Bioabb can offer a full range of high-level recombinant protein E.coli expression service which has proportion as requested, tag removal as requested, quick turn-around time. Cubsaio has a wealth of expertise and experience in the expression of soluble protein, inclusion bodies and fusion protein. E.coli expression is the wide used systems for recombinant proteins attributable to its several advantages. our method makes E.coli expression of bivalent protein fragments for human therapy(or different uses) practical.


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