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How do natural compounds resist bacteria ?

Posted on 3rd Apr 2015 @ 8:22 AM

Recently, a study published in the international journal of Nature Communications revealed the researchers from the Scripps Research Institute discovered a molecular mechanism of how a powerful natural product resist fungi , bacteria, malaria and cancer effects ; the the study may help to develop a novel targeted drug for the treatment of a series of disease. Researchers Min Guo said, we were very interested in a compound called sparse voxel Lo (borrelidin) , which can inhibit a particular enzyme called -threonyl- -tRNA synthetase (ThrRS), and ultimately hinder Bovine milk β-Lactoglobulin http://www.bioabb.com/products/Bovine-milk-%CE%B2%252dLactoglobulin.html protein synthesis; and compounds similar to snail sparse voxel can be used for the treatment of microbial infections, such as natural products mupirocin was approved for the treatment of skin infections caused by bacteria, and β- febrifugine (Changshan herbal active ingredients) may be used to treat a fever caused by malaria, which compound has been used for about 2000.

   Previous studies have found sparse voxel snails may impede angiogenesis, and angiogenesis is critical for the proliferation of malignant tumors, and sparse voxel snails also increases apoptosis of certain types of leukemia; in this study, the researchers carried out a detailed structural and functional analysis of the ThrRS combination of Lo Shu voxels , humans and bacteria (E. coli) to uncover the hidden mechanism. The study for the first time revealed sparse spiro voxel can occupy four different sites in human and bacterial tRNA synthase , including three normal substrate binding sites and a compound bound site , sparse voxel Lo could extrude other natural partner in this manner to combine in more sites to accelerate the process of protein synthesis. In a sense, lo sparse voxel can take over someone else's seat before the "concert" to win the game, so as to effectively inhibit protein synthesis and the occurrence of the disease.

   Since each site is crucial for bacterial tRNA synthetase , in fact, sparse spiral voxel may occupy four sub-sites including ThrRS , but researchers can also confirm its potential through in vitro and in vivo cells experiments . Finally, the researcher Guo said, previously , we do not know the existence of tRNA synthetase inhibitors, including in all drugs , there are no such inhibitors, and in this study we have found the natural compounds that can inhibit tRNA synthetase; it showed considerable lasting significance to design novel targeted drugs to inhibit the effects of bacterial tRNA synthase, thereby inhibiting bacterial infection .