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Computer model predict the amount of adipose for you

Posted on 3rd Apr 2015 @ 7:27 AM

   To reveal the molecular mechanism of atherosclerosis experimental drug trigger the liver to accumulate adipose, researchers from the University Medical Center Groningen have developed a novel computer model that can help predict stored adipose ratio when liver in response to multiple conditions reactions , the simulation of the liver adipose storage can promote scientists predict drug side effects, but can also help reduce the number of animal models, in addition , this computer model can contribute to depict all the way of how liver to store adipose , including how to liver intake adipose, how to produce adipose and accumulate adipose and so on . Related research result was published in the international Journal of the FASEB Journal, which provides novel research ideas for the development of novel therapies for liver disease.

   Maaike Oosterveer , one of the researchers said, because of this computer model can predict the body's reaction to the drug over time, which can help understanding and treating human diseases, but also provides a certain ideas for the development of new drugs with fewer side effects . To develop the model, the researchers carried out studies on four groups of mice, one group did not receive any treatment, other three groups were given the drug named T09 for one day , two days, or 14 days treatment; in each group of mice , the researchers measured a variety of approaches of liver adipose accumulation , the corresponding measurement results can help to develop computer models mentioned in this study.

   The researchers then used the model to predict how the unmeasured adipose accumulation in mice to trigger mice that having received drugs treatment to suffer from fatty liver, but also provide clues to understand how drugs lead to fat accumulation. The researchers said that after one day drug therapy , more and more adipose would flow from the blood to the liver, and the new experiments carried out on mice are able to confirm this prediction. Finally , the researcher Gerald Weissmann said , the use of computers to simulate every system, every disease and every cell in our bodies will only be a matter of time, the new computer model developed in this study will be very crucial for late disease research, new drugs development .