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Excessive ice tea would trigger renal failure

Posted on 3rd Apr 2015 @ 7:06 AM

New England Journal of Medicine recently reported a case, a 56-year-old suffered from kidney failure, according to the medical diagnosis, his usual habits - drinking ice tea daily will be a major cause of such illness. This patient's kidney was not recovered, it requires dialysis to maintain normal renal function. His doctor Alejandra Mena-Gutierrez stressed the tea should be moderate in his report. He didn’t prohibit drinking tea , however the patients should control the amount, otherwise it will hurt your kidneys! In May 2014, this patient felt weakness and pain, admitted to examination, it was found that his urine contains an excess of calcium oxalate crystals, which is the main component of kidney stones. However, in the patient's families, none had suffered from similar disease, and the patients had never suffered from kidney stones , in order to alleviate the symptoms, the doctor had to take the dialysis solution. Patient told the doctor that he drank 16 cups of ice tea every day, however the iced tea contains a particularly large number of oxalic acid, excessive intake can easily lead to kidney disease.

   Mena-Gutierrez , said the doctor, like this case, kidney incentives was the excessive intake of ice tea , rather than other reasons. In the United States, per capita daily intake of up to 152-511 mg of oxalate, while the nutrition and diet society recommended intake of oxalate is only 40-50 mg. Per 100 ml of black tea contains 50-100 mg of oxalate. "My patients drink 16 cups of iced tea every day , in a word , which is 1,500 milligrams daily intake of oxalate, it is even 3-10 times higher than the US average level." New England Journal of Medicine reported in an article in 2013, a woman suffering from a very rare bone disease, skeletal fluorosis, the reason is because of a row 17 years drinking of 100 tea bags per day ! Tea containing fluoride accumulates in the body, eventually causing skeletal fluorosis. Tea has always been the healthy drinks respected by everyone , there are many health benefits , moderate drinking contributes to health, but excessive drinking are harmful for health , and even lead to disaster.