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Serotonin may affect anti-depression function

Posted on 2nd Apr 2015 @ 5:42 AM

   Recently, according to the World Health Organization, depression affects about 350 million people worldwide, making it become a major public health problem. The researchers found a non-traditional approach, which is produced by neurons releasing 5 - serotonin , this approach plays an important role in the anti-depression drugs mechanism. The study was published in the journal of "normal physiology" . 5 - Serotonin is a chemical substance in brain , plays a crucial role in the regulation of different emotions and behavior. Similar to other neurotransmitters, it transmit signals between neurons. 5 - serotonin is stored in vesicles, the vesicles present in the presynaptic terminals of neurons, and then released into the synapses to response to postsynaptic neuron receptor binding neurons electrical activity.

    Imbalance in 5 - serotonin signals usually leads to depression. Selective 5 - serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are antidepressant drugs, which by preventing neuronal reuptake increased extracellular 5 serotonin levels. However , one of the major disadvantages of SSRIs is that they have lagged effects, it is because the 5 - serotonin-activated neurons was inhibited by extracellular 5 - HT , it affected inhibitory neurons, " self-receptor," This process is called automatic suppression. Therefore, when SSRIs strengthened serotonin signal , it may actually be an initial slow treatment process .

   Currently, Boris Mlinar and his colleagues at the University of Florence proved by a different handling process , regulation of automatic suppression of 5 - serotonin may be released into the extracellular space, rather than directly released from the vesicles to adapt neuronal activity (which is a process called exocytosis). Studies have shown that 5 - serotonin through simple diffusion across the cell membrane. Mlinar and his colleagues believed that the necessary understanding of this process may provide a better way to treat depression.