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Blocking ERK1 / 2 nuclear localization to fight cancer

Posted on 2nd Apr 2015 @ 2:18 AM


   Recently, scientists from Israel published their latest research progress in the international academic journal of nature communication, they developed a peptide small molecule , which was capable of blocking ERK1 / 2 localization and inhibit tumor cell growth, while did not affect the cells without tumor transformation , these results showed that blocking ERK1 / 2 nuclear localization or become an effective target to targeted treat cancer. The researchers pointed out that a major feature of ERK1 / 2 normal functioning is its ability to nuclear translocation, and ERK1 / 2 capable of performing nuclear localization is very important to promote cell proliferation. The active ERK1 / 2 located in cells is capable of inducing immediate feedback loop activity. Therefore, researchers have proposed to block cells nuclear translocation of ERK1 / 2 may be able to inhibit cell proliferation , without affecting ERK1 / 2 induced other cellular processes in the cytoplasm .

   To solve this problem, researchers have developed a polypeptide with nuclear localization signal ,which is capable of blocking the interaction between importin7 and ERK1 / 2, and thus preventing the ERK1 / 2 entering into the nucleus. The researchers found that the polypeptide was able to induce apoptosis of melanoma cells by cell culture , while it also could inhibit the survival of other tumor cell , however for the immortalized cell without cancer cells conversion , it did not have any effect, and such polypeptides for melanoma cells appeared chemotherapy drug resistance also had killing effects. By utilizing xenograft animal model, the researchers demonstrated that this polypeptide could exert inhibitory effects on several types of cancer, and in the prevention of recurrence of melanoma , its effect is better than some existing chemotherapy drugs .

   The study found that blocking ERK1 / 2 nuclear localization may be a good target therapeutic targets, and it provides ample experimental evidence for this concept, it showed considerable significance to fight different types of tumor associated with ERK1 / 2 . And finally , the researchers concluded that their study would contribute to the development of novel anti-cancer therapies , such as Abscisic acid -OVA conjugate http://www.bioabb.com/products/Abscisic-acid-%252dOVA-conjugate.html , it showed great promise for the treatment of cancer , and they would carry out more deep and details experiment to accelerate the novel drugs development pace .