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New association between breast stem cells and breast cancer

Posted on 2nd Apr 2015 @ 1:39 AM

    Recently, scientists from Australia published their latest research progress in the international academic journal of nature communication , which revealed that hey found that the differentiation inhibitory factor 4 (ID4) was a crucial factor in the mammary stem cell self-renewal process , while they also found that in a group of basal-like breast cancer cells , the excessive expression of ID4 also existed , indicating that mammary stem may be related to the occurrence of basal-like cells breast cancer, and this linkage is achieved by ID4.

    Basal-like breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, which is a subtype of breast cancer proposed in recent years from the aspects of breast cancer gene expression profiles research , currently researchers didn’t particularly deeply understand about their cell sources and causes . In this study, researchers found that differentiation inhibitory factor 4 (ID4) was a crucial regulation factor of regulating mammary stem cell self-renewal, and by using ID4GFP report gene mice and single cell transcriptome analysis , they discovered abundant breast basal cell subsets of a group of stem cells . The experiments showed that ID4 was capable to maintain the the number of mammary stem cells by inhibiting bureaucratic differentiation desired crucial factors . Further studies showed that ID4 could be specifically expressed in a group of human basal-like breast cancer cells with a poor prognosis, but also has similar characteristics of mammary stem cell transcription, it may play an important role in mammary stem cells and BLBC.

   In this study, the researchers demonstrated ID4 was the crucial factor regulating mammary stem cell self-differentiation, affecting the Notch signaling upstream suppressing conduit fate decision,while ID4 appeared excessive expression in BLBC cell subsets, and it had serious adverse outcomes in patients with ID4 + BLBC , and whose cancer cells showed stem cell-like transcription characteristics , all of these showed that ID4 may be the mammary stem cells may be important factor to contact breast stem cells and BLBC , and it has very important research value.